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Hypnotherapy in Nottingham
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Hypnotherapy courses in Nottingham
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Stress management course
Learn how to mange your own stress
Certificate in self hypnosis
Learn how to mange your own stress
Free help with confidence
Learn how to be confident for free!
Free self hypnosis course
Learn how to use self hypnosis for free

Certificate in self hypnosis

Discover your true potential

Imagine feeling more relaxed and confident 
Take control of your eating habits
Set yourself free of emotion baggage

This is an audio course so that you can listen whilst you're on the go!

The course includes advanced techniques to help you to;-

Stop unwanted habits and behaviours, e.g. over eating

Get rid of unwanted emotional baggage

Feel more relaxed and confident whenever you want to

The course also looks at the workings of the human mind so that you can understand the real reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight, stop smoking etc.

You'll learn how and why people have fears and phobias, and how anxiety works

The course is in xx parts and is approximately xx hours in length

The course includes the following hypnotic downloads:-

Two different hypnotic inductions and deepeners
A complete session for positivity and abundance
The hot air balloon technique for releasing emotional baggage
The 'two paths' technique for overcoming habits
The NLP anchoring technique
The 'table of foods' methos for promoting healthier eating 

You'll also receive a 32 page pdf document containing course notes and scripts to help you to feel more confident, eat more healthily, sleep better and feel more positive

If you want to receive a certificate to confirm that you've completed the course, there's a short multiple choice test for you to complete

In addition, email support is provided if you have any questions

The course costs £127, however I'm offering the course at a special introductory price of just £57. (Offer ends September 30th 2019)


In addition I'm giving away my comprehensive stress management course free of charge (it would normally be £67).

This will teach you everything you need to know about what stress really is and how it works.

Most important of all, you will learn 23 ways to manage your stress and stop it arising in the first place.

I'll also teach you three additional and very powerful ways to manage stress and feel more relaxed based on the latest understanding of the mind and body connection.

If you want to buy the full self hypnosis course and receive the stress management course as a free gift simply click on the link below.

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